Determining the Type of Flooring that is Right for Your Home

Making the right decision when opting for the right flooring for your home is imperative. It is a big decision that you have to build from the maintenance, use, style and design, and the cost of flooring. Determining the right flooring is quite tricky for some individuals especially those who are deciding for the first time.

Many homeowners have found themselves installing the type of flooring that does not serve the right purpose, and that does not suit their taste and style. To reduce such instances, this platform seeks to highlight some of the crucial factors that homeowners should consider before opting for the appropriate flooring.

The Purpose

The place where the flooring will be used should be your first consideration. For instance, some flooring materials may not be suited for commercial property where there are many activities to withstand tear and wear. On the other hand, some elements are designed to give comfort and style to residential property. The following is an overview of the commonly used flooring materials and their best-suited functions

Carpet– carpet is mainly designed to offer comfort in living rooms and bedrooms. Most of them are made from polyester and nylon.
Hardwood– Hardwood is durable and gives an ideal flooring. It is mainly used in residential places to offer a sense of style and beauty. Additionally, they provide excellent services in a harsh environment such as commercial areas.
Tiles– they are the most popular methods of flooring. Tiles are mostly preferred for their cost-effective and are easy to clean. They are primarily used in kitchens and bathrooms where frequent cleaning is needed.
Vinyl– Vinyl flooring is water resistant and easy to clean. Just like tiles, they are preferred in the kitchen, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

The Level of Maintenance

Before you opt for a specific type of floor, it is fundamental to consider the level of maintenance you are willing to take. Some flooring materials require high levels of maintenance that you might not afford. Additionally, experts indicate that proper maintenance. The following is an overview of the commonly used types of floors and their maintenance levels

Tile– As stated, tile itself is easy to remove stains through the use of soapy water. However, with grout, you need new replacement before it gets worse with regards to the quality.
Hardwood– this type of floor is incredibly durable and can withstand substantial levels of tear and wear. However, you need regular broom cleaning and occasional mopping. Once you notice scratches on your floor, it is crucial to buffer the corners to restore their luster.
Carpet– carpets easily stain, and they should be cleaned immediately with the appropriate cleaner. Additionally, regular vacuuming is recommended to keep it clean.
Vinyl– it is easy to maintain vinyl flooring since it is easy to clean spills and stains. You only need to mop with soapy water regularly. However, it is difficult to replace vinyl once it gets damaged.


The amount of resources that you are planning to spend on the type of flooring is crucial. Homeowners are advised to stick to their budget or opt for a floor that is flexible with their budget. It is critical to pick what fits you and the one you are comfortable with. The following is an overview of the conventional type of flooring with the cost.

Tiles– depending on the design and material used, tiles are quite expensive to purchase and install. You need to count the labor costs since you have to hire a skilled professional.
Vinyl– this type of flooring is considered as the most affordable. The initial installation costs are relatively low.
Hardwood– with regards to the type of material used, hardwood flooring is costly. Additionally, you have to incur a high cost of installation.

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