Dorm Life v Apartment Life: Which is Right For You?

College can be a complicated experience; with so many things to decide for yourself, it makes sense that you don’t always have the answers for your questions off the top of your head. And, depending on your school’s housing policy, there very well may be a time in your college career in which you have to decide if you want to move off-campus or stay in the dorms.

There are plenty of advantages to either option, but it’s important to know the differences: apartment life can be very different than dorm life.

Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding where to live next while attending college:

Generally, Apartments Are Cheaper

Chances are, your room and board fees are pretty expensive for the amount of space you have. Finding a suitable apartment can guarantee you’ll pay less for your living quarters, allowing you to budget the remaining money into other things like food, utilities, and weekend fun.

That being said, some may appreciate the ease that comes with paying a flat fee and not having to worry about budgeting the rest.

Dorms Come With Less Responsibility

Though the apartment may be cheaper, some may prefer to not have the extra responsibilities of paying bills on time and making sure there are no issues you need to take up with your apartment. College campuses have their own utilities personnel, meaning that you will be able to call in somebody else to fix something if it is broken at no extra charge. Of course, you can call a handy man to come and fix something in your apartment as well, but the fees may pile up quicker than the dorm room pricing.

Bills can be a huge positive for staying in a dorm, as the logistics are all figured out for you—paying for heating, internet, and running water won’t be an issue and you can use the time you would spend figuring those things out to focus on work and school.

Apartments Are More Customizable

With dorm rooms, you have a limited flexibility with which furniture you can have in your room. Some may prefer the ease of having furniture provided to you, but you can also find that in a furnished apartment and also be able to customize it beyond that. There may also be specifications due to fire hazards for your dorm room (i.e. no lava lamps), so having your own apartment gives you more leeway when dealing with the rules of your landlord.

Location Might Be Everything

For those who deal with disabilities or might just prefer to be closer to campus, living in an on-campus dorm can ensure that you’re always nearby your classes in case you miss an alarm bell and need to get to class quickly. That being said, depending on where your college is, there are surely options for housing that will put you close to your campus and also allow you to enjoy the above benefits we’ve been talking about.

Cooking Freedom

If you’re one who enjoys cooking, living in an apartment can mean that you’re able to cook whatever you want all the time. Though you probably will have roommates that will also want to use the kitchen, having to share between a few people will be much less stressful than having to coordinate with the rest of everybody living in your dorm building.

Some students may also prefer cooking for themselves because of their ambivalence about the school food, so living in an apartment ensures that you’re able to control what food you eat. For those who enjoy the campus eats, this might not be a big deal.

Those are our tips on whether Dorm Life or Apartment Life is best for you. At the end of the day, it all depends on your preferences, but we hope this list was useful to help you narrow down your options. If you need more tips and guidelines, check out these two guides for additional information!

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