How to Choose the Right Phone Solution for Your Business

Regardless of the type of business that you are in, you need to have a business phone number so that your customers and clients can reach you. If you have an at-home business, you may only need one phone line. For a larger business, you may need dozens or even hundreds of individual phone numbers as well as an elaborate phone system for the entire company. In some cases, you may even need to be able to transfer calls internally to numbers that are located in a different geographic area. If you are ready to set up phone service for your business, these are the points to pay attention to if you want to make a savvy, informed decision.

Choose Your Service Provider

Many businesses use one of the major phone service providers for their communications needs, and this may commonly be because these service providers are known for reliability. However, even smaller communications companies may offer reliable service. Some offer lower rates that could potentially result in substantial savings on a regular basis. Therefore, avoid narrowing down your options to only big name service providers. Analyze the cost of services as well as the various types of additional service or support features that are available. Through your analysis, you may be able to better determine the features and services that could be truly beneficial for your operations. If you have a big account, you may be able to negotiate a rate reduction with the service provider that you prefer to use.

Think About VoIP Service

Landlines continue to be a common communication option, but many businesses are now moving away from landlines. VoIP, or voice over IP, essentially runs your phone calls through the Internet. This may provide you with higher quality audio and more reliable service. In addition, you may be able to set up a communications network that makes it easy to transfer calls to others who are not in the same office. Because this service runs over the Internet, there is no additional cost for long-distance or even international calls in many cases. If you and your team regularly make many long-distance calls, this type of communications service may save you a substantial amount of money. Keeping overhead low can potentially help your business to grow in the years to come.

Determine the Number of Needed Lines

Before you can finalize your communications setup, you need to determine how many lines you need. Some phone services have a maximum number of lines that you can link together or connect through the same system. This means that your business may eventually outgrow the communications system that you set up at this time. Upgrading the system at a later date can be stressful and even expensive in some cases. Therefore, it may be more ideal to choose a phone service solution that has limitless possibilities and that can accommodate unhindered growth.

Consider Special Service Needs

Some telephone services that you may be thinking about using only offer basic services. These may be acceptable for home-based businesses or very small offices that are not expected to grow rapidly in the near future. However, many businesses may benefit from access to special communications services and even billing or support assistance. In the event your phone system goes down, for example, you may need a guarantee that the company will get your phones back online within a specified number of hours. You may also want easy system management in case you need to add a new phone number to your existing system. Some owners or managers also enjoy simplified account maintenance and payment online.

Avoid making the assumption that all major communications companies offer the same quality of service at a similar price. Some available services may be much more well-suited for your needs than others, and some may also be much more affordable. Because of how important your communications system is for your business, you should spend a considerable amount of time assessing your needs and learning more about the services available. While cost is an important consideration, it is more important to first find service providers that can meet your needs before narrowing down the options based on price.

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