How to Clean and Care for Your Hearing Aid Properly

Hearing aids are extremely important in your everyday life. If you wear one, you know how it increases your quality of life in allowing you to hear better. In addition, hearing aids are certainly not cheap, but they are well worth the expense due to the important job they serve. As a result, it’s important to know how to properly clean your hearing aids and care for them, in general.

Use the Small, Specialized Brush

Today’s hearing aids are tiny and come with their own small carrying case and specialized brush inside the case. The brush is meant to wipe away any ear wax and other debris that may accumulate on the basket component that covers the hearing aid’s filter and goes into your ear. Be careful while using the brush and avoid using pressure that is too hard as you don’t want to damage any of its delicate parts. If any of the wax or other debris does not come off while using the brush, you can use a wax pick to remove it. Again, use care while using this device to clean your hearing aids.

Clean Hearing Aids Daily

For the best possible health of your hearing aids, you should aim to clean your hearing aids on a daily basis. Every morning, before you put them into your ears, is best. Wiping away ear wax in the morning is wise because it gives the wax several hours to harden overnight. Hardened wax is easier to clean away than fresh, soft ear wax.

You can also use a soft microfiber cloth to gently wipe your hearing aids to eliminate debris and moisture.

Use Good Hygiene and Protect Them

Hearing aids are delicate and can become damaged if they are exposed to certain substances. While most types available these days are resistant to water, it’s better to not wear them in the shower or bathtub. Soap, shampoos, conditioner and other hair care products like mousse and hairspray can damage your hearing aids and prevent them from functioning at optimal levels.

Use Care When Changing the Filters

If your hearing aids suddenly stop working normally, you may notice a muffled sound in your ears when using them. This is a sign that the filters have become clogged with ear wax and need to be changed. If your hearing care professional has not instructed you on how to change them and didn’t give you replacements, you will have to schedule an appointment for them to change the filters for you. Otherwise, be very careful while replacing the filters yourself. You have to do it in a very specific way or your hearing aid will not function as it’s meant to and it will not let you hear more clearly. However, if you haven’t changed the filters yourself before or only did it once, you may be able to try again and get it right the next time.

Clean the Carrying Case

While it’s important to clean your hearing aids, you shouldn’t neglect the carrying case that came with them. Clean it regularly to eliminate any ear wax and debris that builds up. It will ensure that your hearing aids can stay cleaner when you remove them and put them inside.

Open the Battery Door at Night

One of the most important parts of caring for your hearing aid involves preserving the batteries as much as possible. To do that, you simply have to open the battery door on your devices at night. This will prevent the batteries from dying faster. Place your hearing aids in their carrying case each night to keep them safe as well.

When you know how to properly clean and care for your hearing aids, they will serve you well for a few years before you ultimately have to replace them.

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