How to Clean Up After a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is a big and messy project, leading to a problem for cleaning up the space. You must plan in advance to have a kitchen that is clean and usable. Here are some of the best tips for cleaning up after a kitchen remodel.

Tip 1: Rent Large Portable Dumpsters

While the old materials are being removed from the kitchen, the technicians should place the junk in dumpsters. There are companies that rent dumpsters, and technicians will bring the items to a home. The dumpsters are placed in a yard so that the workers can carry old appliances, drywall and floor tiles to the items immediately. You may need multiple dumpsters to sort different types of materials to avoid contaminating any landfills. If hazardous materials are thrown away, then the technicians should wrap the things for proper disposal. In some cases, the materials are recyclable, so the dumpsters are taken to a recycling center.

Tip 2: Cleaning Each Day

It is better to clean the work area at the end of each day rather than allowing the mess to pile up in the kitchen. After the trash is removed from the kitchen, the workers should use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the room so that it won’t filter into the rest of the house. In addition to cleaning the floor, it is essential to remove debris from the countertops and the cabinets in the kitchen.

Tip 3: Use an Air Purification System

The air in a home will become filled with dust during the kitchen-remodeling process, so if you can use an air purification system in your home, then you can have less debris in a building. Place the air purifier machine as close at possible to the kitchen, and also, make sure to change or clean its filter daily for the best dust removal. In addition, if your home’s furnace or air conditioner is operating during the remodel, you should change the climate-control device’s filters frequently to have a dust-free home.

Tip 4: Have a Remodeling Plan

If you have a step-by-step remodeling plan, then it is easier to keep the kitchen cleaner during the process. With this type of plan, different projects are performed on different days, so there aren’t any piles of new materials sitting around in your home. As each step is completed, the technicians can remove the debris and any materials that weren’t used to keep the kitchen cleaner.

Tip 5: Daily Inspections of the Work

During a kitchen remodel, you may live somewhere else, but you should visit your home to inspect the work. If the workers are making a mess, then use a camera to take photographs of the problems, and you should have a meeting with the technicians to avoid having a huge mess.

Tip 6: Placing Temporary Doors between the Rooms in a Home

To keep dust from filtering into a dining room or other areas of your home, the technicians can place temporary portable doors between the rooms. This will keep the dirt from covering the furniture and carpets in a home, along with making sure that the technicians remain in the designated work areas.

Tip 7: Cover Carpets and Furniture

Take the time to buy plastic sheets to cover the furniture and the carpets in a home. This will protect your possessions from damage, and you will only need to remove the plastic sheets after the kitchen-remodeling project ends. It is easy to find the plastic sheets at home improvement stores, and these items are inexpensive.

Tip 8: Hire Professional Cleaners

It is possible to hire professional cleaners after a remodeling project ends. Call cleaning companies to learn more about this service so that you can have a sanitary kitchen for storing food and preparing meals. The cleaning technicians will have the tools and cleansers required for this job.

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