How to Create the Backyard that Will be the Envy of the Neighborhood

If your backyard is like many others, it may be rather plain and boring. Perhaps it is overgrown and seemingly impossible to maintain. You may avoid opening the blinds in the rear of your home when entertaining because of how embarrassed you are of this space. A backyard can be a wonderful feature of your home when it is properly designed and well-maintained. It may even become the primary place where you entertain others. In order to transform your space into a backyard that your friends and neighbors will be envious of, you need to create a thoughtful design plan for your space. As you brainstorm ideas for your backyard design, use these tips to guide your thoughts.

Focus on a Water Feature

The hallmark of a gorgeous backyard design is often a stunning water feature. In many yards, this is a swimming pool and perhaps an adjoining hot tub. It could also be a babbling brook, a lovely fountain or even a koi pond. The water feature that you select should complement the overall theme or design of your yard. Remember that some features, like a pool and hot tub, could also give your family and friends a fun and relaxing way to enjoy your space. Think about how you intend to use your yard and what type of ambiance you desire when deciding on a water feature. Because the water feature will be a focal point, it is important to start with this aspect of your design.

Update Your Landscaping Design

A water feature is not enough to make your yard truly inviting and enjoyable to be in. A stunning backyard is one that has immaculate landscaping and incredible overall appeal. The vegetation is well-maintained and lush. The colors and textures in the space are coordinated and aesthetically pleasing. Because maintenance is often a challenge for many homeowners, the best landscaping design may be created with minimal care and maintenance in mind. You can also install a sprinkler system and hire a landscaping company for regular lawn care for truly easy maintenance. When you can spend time in your backyard without constantly thinking about all of the maintenance chores that need to be done, you can enjoy the space more thoroughly.

Choose Gorgeous Hardscape Materials

Most backyard designs have at least a few hardscape features. This may include a flagstone patio or walkway, a stained concrete outdoor kitchen area, rock borders around your flowerbeds and more. Select hardscape materials that work well with your home’s exterior and with the theme that you have selected for your space. When used thoughtfully, hardscape may decrease maintenance requirements. These materials can also give your backyard a more decorated or finished look in a way that vegetation alone cannot do.

Add Fun Elements

An enviable backyard is one that is fun for family and friends to spend time in. A pool and hot tub can go a long way toward accomplishing this goal, but you may also want to add other features. For example, an outdoor TV, a corn hole game, a sound system, a play area for the kids and other features can make your space a true party zone that is ideal for entertaining. Consider the ages and interests of those who will be using your backyard to guide your decisions for this aspect of your backyard design plans.

Think About Comfort

The best backyard is one that is comfortable for you to relax in after work and on the weekends with the family. It also is comfortable for your friends to kick back in. Choose comfortable outdoor furnishings, and think about seating that accommodates your typical number of guests when possible. Comfort features may also include a shade or awning, misters, a fire pit and other elements. Comfort features can be tailored based on the climate in your area so that you and your guests can enjoy spending time in your backyard in most weather conditions throughout the year. Remember that some of these features, such as a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace, can add to the décor in your yard as well.

When you are committed to transforming your yard, you can view the space as a blank canvas. These ideas can guide you as you create a gorgeous and practical design that will make your backyard a true gem.

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