How to Encourage Kids to Read

One of the most important lessons every parent can pass on to their children is the ability and passion for reading. Reading is one of the skills that prepares children for the future, and is the foundation of all their education. It is imperative parents get their kids into reading, and there are several ways to make sure learning to read is not only enriching but stimulating and fun.

The first way parents can encourage their kids to read is to read with them. Spend time during the day or before bedtime to curl up with your child to read a book. Let them choose the story, and be enthusiastic when you read it to them. Challenge them to pronounce certain words, and over the course of time they will remember those words and how they’re said. This can lead them to want to read the rest of the book. A great technique is to read the words with them out loud together, allowing them to dictate the pace of reading. Eventually, you will just be able to say the first word or two before they pick it up and read it without your help.

Kids react well to rewards for completing tasks. You can use rewards to help them learn to read and actually develop a desire to read for pleasure for the rest of their lives. Issue a challenge to them such as reading so many books a month, and offer a special meal or a trip to their favorite amusement park as a reward. For smaller rewards offer a new book any time they finish a book. Giving them something new will give them the motivation to continue reading.

Some kids will want to read everything they get their hands on, whether it be books, magazines, comic books, ore even video games. Encourage their tastes and let them decide what their favorite medium is. Some will stick to one kind of reading material, others will seek out many types. While video games tend to not be thought of as places kids can learn to read, there are many games on the market, called visual novels, that are mostly text and written character dialogue. Allowing your kid to play video games that require some reading is doubly effective. It keeps your kid reading while allowing them to indulge in video games.

One of the things some parents think is that they are not in charge of getting their kids to read. This is entirely not true. Education, and reading especially, begins in the home, not school. Your children look up to you as being their number one influence, so it is up to you to instill your children with positive traits and habits. This includes developing a positive reading habit. It is detrimental to your child’s future if you do not accept this very important, profound responsibility.

Encouraging your kids to read is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your child. Reading opens up a plethora of new experiences and information to them, and allows them to explore new worlds and develop their imagination. Allowing them to dive into whatever medium they desire will teach them that there are many ways to fulfill their desire to read and expose them to new ideas and viewpoints that you may not have had available for them. This will prepare them to be better, more functional adults who will achieve their hopes, dreams, and goals. Giving them reading goals will teach them that achieving goals will result in rewards that will allow them to continue carrying the habit into adulthood.

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