How-to Find a Lawn Company to Use

There are many great reasons to hire a lawn care service. Chief among them is that it can actually be more cost-effective when you consider the time saved and reduced cost for materials and the like. Finding the ideal lawn company for your home, however, will not necessarily be a simple task. With that in mind, we’ve sought expert advice and have organized that information for you here into a streamlined plan. 

Know What You Want and Target a Company Accordingly 

Before you ever call a lawn service, you should sit down and determine what you want. You may not know exactly what your lawn requires, but you should have an idea if you just want basic mowing and edging or a more involved maintenance plan. A plan can include seeding, aeration and fertilization and may involve using those techniques on an as-needed or scheduled basis. Many lawn care companies will offer extras as well, including tree pruning, leaf removal, planting flowers and so on. Once you have an idea of what you want, you’ll know what kind of estimate to schedule and what questions to ask. 

Put Together a Short List 

Assemble a short list of possibilities. A good rule of thumb is to include at least three options. More options is all right if you like, but be mindful that the more companies you add, the longer this will take. Start with recommendations from neighbors. Add to your list from the local businesses that advertise online and seem to be well-regarded. Your local Chamber of Commerce can also be an excellent resource and provide you names and phone numbers for landscapers that service your area. 

Schedule Free Estimates 

Call each company and talk to them over the phone. Beyond advertising, this your first real opportunity to get a feel for a business. You certainly don’t want to hire a lawn service based on a phone call, but you may want to rule one out. Estimates for lawn services are generally provided at no cost and without obligation. It is generally not advised that you pay for an estimate. If a company won’t provide a free estimate, then that is probably a strong indication to take your business elsewhere. Be specific about the services you are interested in and what the estimate should entail. 

Ask About Neighborhood Discounts 

Prior to the first estimate, write down any questions that come to mind. This will help you to ask the same questions across all estimates. If new questions crop up during an estimate, add them to your list. Be sure to ask about neighborhood discounts. Lawn companies often offer special prices if they have multiple clients in a neighborhood, and these discounts can affect prices in a significant way. If you have a tough choice between two options, that could be the tie-breaker. 

Consider Payment and Contract Requirements 

Make sure to get prices for services a la carte as well as plan pricing. Will a contract be required? What are the terms of the contract and what happens if you need to break it? Compare pricing across the lawn companies you’re considering. Be mindful of what a service entails. One company may charge less for seeding, but the other company may include the cost of seed in the price advertised. Note that even companies that require contracts will often waive them if it means acquiring your business. 

Vet Your Remaining Options 

At this point, you likely have at least one company you’d be willing to hire and perhaps more. At the end of each estimate, request local references. You may be able to drive by those properties and see how they look. A company will always put its best foot forward, so this is also a good time to research deeper into the customer reviews that are available online. Looking them up on the Better Business Bureau website can also provide an indication of customer satisfaction levels. 

Lawn care does not have to cost you a small fortune in order to have a lush and beautiful yard. If your lawn care will cost more than you’d like, consider ways to reduce those costs. There are a number of effective strategies that can result in more affordable yard maintenance.

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