How to Generate New Telemarketing Leads

Lead generation refers to the creation of new consumer interest in a given product or services in a business. Lead generation methods are categorized as advertising methods and may fall under methods like telemarketing. Telemarketing is a product promotion method that involves increasing the circle of product consumers through making business calls. Generating new telemarketing leads requires an intensive procedure that ensures the need of a potential customer is well catered. Telemarketing lead generation can be considered as a process by itself as well as a section of the marketing process.

To be sincere, a good caller stimulates and interest that was latent in a potential customer. However, combining good calls with persistence and other marketing strategies produces the best results in the generation of leads. Other marketing means that properly work with making calls or series of calls include the use of mailers, emails, event invitations and webinar. Generating leads through telemarketing helps organizations in building a target list through validation of the data. The target list is mainly obtained by checking the addresses and contact building through conducting telephone research.

Telemarketers build customers’ contact by making pre-sale calls. These calls establish customers’ interest and rules in or out customers from the sale funnel. This form of marketing also drives immediate revenue through unearthing hot leads or identification of new opportunities to carry out businesses. It also contributes to general efforts of marketing by raising the number of sent emails for a newsletter published each month. Achieving business goals through telemarketing is highly dependent on the ability of the company to clearly define its goals.

Commitment to making calls to the clients

Lead generation has always been giving service providers a headache. Entrepreneurs’ mind always thinks of generating new business ideas whereby they really struggle to attain this goal. Creation of the leads through telemarketing involves a commitment to making at least five calls in a day to the clients. Telemarketing is among the most effective marketing mechanism that has a response rate of about 10 percent. In most cases, clients will always pick calls from marketers. For enhancement of the client relationship, marketers are recommended to make five calls in a day to new and potential clients. Persistence of five calls per day to the potential customers ensures that the marketer picks up at least two more leads per month.

The five steps action plan

Compiling the scripts- ensure they are simple, relevant and direct to the point. One should also not focus on the hard sell.

Listening to prospects- while making a cold call, expect any reaction from the prospects. They may be either toward buying your product or not. It is important to identify whether the prospect’s lights are on or off.

Identification of on lights- establishment of prospects who have left their lights on. These are clients who are interested in exploring the option.

SBMs are always short of time- appreciate them for giving you a chance to communicate with them. Also, organize for follow-ups with the prospects.

Identification of juicy leads- this is business cases with a lot of broken things. Problem identification within a business is an opportunity identified and need to be utilized through solution provision.

Activeness in sales processes

Business owners should actively participate in the sale process for clear learning of the market trend and the clients. Business management and the whole operational processes should be customer oriented thus attracting more leads. Frequent contacting potential customers by the top management is an indication of concern to the clients and improves their confidence with the company and the marketed product.

It is only through contacting potential clients that a telemarketer can identify a cold call that is buying or not buying. Application of the light switch method enables a telemarketer to pitch the services to potential clients and disregard clients that are not likely to buy. Leads generated through telemarketing can be natured by consistency in following up and even arranging for face-to-face meetings with the clients. More attention should be given to identifying potential customers but also the already existing customers should not be disregarded. Telemarketers should also avoid making a sale through calls to minimize cases of fraud and untrustworthy customers.

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