How To Increase Productivity In The Workplace

Productivity in the workplace is something that is constantly being addressed. There are a lot of facets to building a more productive staff, and it starts with realizing that there needs to be a boost in productivity.

Monitor Productivity Efforts

It’s hard to know just how much you need to increase productivity if you have never taken the time to monitor this. There may be some changes that you need to make, but there is not a monitoring system in place to measure how much more the employees need to give. When you establish a monitoring system it becomes easier to set goals for greater productivity.

Rewards and Incentives

The quickest way to get people to work harder is by presenting incentives for the hard work. This may be an extra personal day off. There may be other times where a pay increase or promotion is factored when it comes to increasing productivity efforts. These are the things that move people to do more than they would ordinarily do. When you want an increase in productivity it is typically going to come with a price. Very few people are going to do more work for the same amount of pay. This is the reality that business leaders must realize when they are trying to increase productivity levels.

Building A Better Work Environment

It stands to reason that some employees are not as productive as they could be because they are not in an environment that is conducive to increased work performance. There may be a need to get the employees out of cubicles and put them in spaces where they have access to windows. The ability to have different scenery may increase productivity with certain employees.

Co-Working Spaces

There are other times where productivity is determined by a change in the people that are working together. If there is ever a time where people can relate to increased productivity it may be with work that is performed with someone else. When certain teams work together they may be able to get more work done than they could on an individual basis. Bringing people together in co-working workspaces may increase the amount of brainstorming that is done. It can increase levels of productivity and builds a better working relationship between multiple people.

Set Goals

There are times where people may not be reaching their full
potential when it comes to work, and this can be the result of simply not having a goal to accomplish. When there are more specific goal setting objectives the ability to reach higher heights becomes more manageable. There may have never been any talk about increasing productivity in precise terms. When there is no conversation about what level of productivity is required it becomes hard to reach any milestone. People may exert a little effort, but they may never reach their full potential if they are not aware of what the goals are when it comes to efficiency. People that have a measuring stick are going to perform better than those that are simply told to increase productivity without any gauge in how much work they need to do.

Free Food

It may seem trivial, but employees that have access to free snacks or a cafeteria inside of the building can perform exceptionally better. They do not have to leave work during the day to go out for lunch. When they get sleepy during the course of the day free snacks may boost their energy levels. These are people that are going to possibly spend more time in the office at their desk because they do not have to leave the premises to get a boost of energy. Work environments that have free coffee and snacks are typically going to have workers that see the benefits of this free perk.


No one wants to work forever. When there is a retirement plan stacked into efforts to increase efficiency workers are going to become much more productive in their jobs. Companies that have things like employee stock holder plans can increase productivity without actually increasing pay at that time. This method is actually increasing the value of the company which increases the retirement earnings for employees over a longer period time.

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