How To Keep Your Lawn Looking Green All Summer

Although the summer weather is delightful, the heat can wreck havoc on your lawn if you are not careful. High temperatures can dry your yard grass and make it look brown. Therefore, you have to know how you can keep your lawn green throughout this period. Below are five helpful tips that can help you do that:

1. Water Your Lawn in the Morning

If you want your grass to absorb water efficiently and maintain its greenness, you should water it in the morning because the sun is not too hot at this time. During the morning hours, the sun is just enough to allow the plants to photosynthesize.

The reason why you don’t water the grass in the afternoon is because the temperatures are too high and can lead to rapid evaporation. This means the grass won’t absorb all the water since most of it will disappear into thin air. You don’t water in the evening because there is no sunlight.

2. Train Your Lawn

You need to train your lawn not to be overly dependent on the daily watering process. The grass needs to develop a deep root system so that it can survive the intense summer heat. To do this, give your lawn a deep water soak at regular intervals, 3 times per week, instead of watering daily.

When you soak the grass in water, the liquid that is not absorbed by the roots seeps deep into the soil and settles underground. On the days that you don’t water, the roots search deeper into the soil for the reserved water. With time, your lawn gets used to growing without constant watering.

3. Feed Daily

You need to provide nutrients for your lawn if you want it to continue growing and to look healthy. You can do this by sprinkling fertilizer on it. Remember that after 6 to 8 weeks, the lawn has absorbed most of the nutrients, and it needs a refill.

When you feed the lawn, it spreads out evenly and doesn’t create any room for weeds to grow. Feeding also helps the grass cool the soil and prevent drying, even in the presence of intense sunlight. However, remember that you should only feed your lawn after it has been active or green for sometime since the plants are already used to absorbing nutrients.

4. Don’t Cut Your Grass Too Short

If you want your grass to remain green throughout the summer, cut it high so that it can develop deeper roots. Mowing high also leaves the grass blades with a large surface area for adequate photosynthesis.

Mowing high is also one of the best weed prevention methods. At any given time, there are hundreds of weed seeds in your lawn waiting to germinate. Cutting the grass long stops the sun rays from reaching the weed seeds and germinating them.

5. Reseed

If you have not planted new grass seeds for a long time, you should seriously consider it. Old lawns have a tendency to grow in bunches and have uneven grass blades. Others easily dry out after being exposed to the sun for a short period.

Luckily, there are new grass seed varieties that can handle the summer heat without loosing their color. Ask a gardening expert or search the internet to find out more about these seeds. If you decide to reseed, do it in early spring or fall because at that time, the weather is good for optimal grass growth.

There are a variety of reasons why you should keep your lawn looking green all summer. The sight of a well maintained green lawn is captivating since it maintains the aesthetic beauty of your backyard and gives it a welcoming feeling. Furthermore, it makes you want to lay on the grass and enjoy the summer weather.

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