How To Keep Your Windows Looking Spotless

Having spotless windows is one of the ways to keep a business or home looking fantastic. It isn’t always easy to keep windows clean, especially when the windows are touched a lot or if the windows are next to a street. In addition to cleaning the outside of the windows, you should clean the inside of the windows. Here are some great ways to keep a building’s windows looking great.

Clean the Outside Of the Windows First

Begin by cleaning the outside of the windows first so that you can remove the majority of the dirt from the windowpanes. Make sure that the windows are closed from the inside of the building so that you can clean the glass. Begin by climbing on an extension ladder to reach the windows that are at an upper level. Make sure that the ladder is stabilized so that you can carry a bucket of water and cleaning cloths with you. Wipe down the outside of the windows at the upper level of the building carefully, and use another cloth to dry the windows. You can also clean the windows at the lower level of a building using this method.

Use a Power Washer Device To Clean Windows

You can also buy or rent a power washer device to clean the windows. With this method, you can often wash windows at a higher level without using a ladder. Learn how to use the power washer properly so that you can clean the windowpanes without breaking the glass or damaging the window screens. In addition to using plain water in the power washer, you can use a component that holds cleansers. You may need to blast pressurized water at the windows several times to remove all of the debris. Using a special device that has a long handle and rubber blade is one of the easiest ways to remove the excess water from the windowpanes.

Choosing a Cleanser For Windows

You can find different types of ready-made window cleansers, and you should buy several containers of this substance. You may find spray bottles of cleansers, but there are also larger refill bottles available. In addition, you can use paper towels or soft cloths to clean windowpanes. Some individuals like to use newspapers for cleaning windows, but if you do this, then wait until the newspapers are older so that the ink doesn’t smear the window glass. It is a good idea to wear protective gloves while cleaning windows, but you may also want to wear goggles to protect your eyes. If you want to use a nontoxic cleanser, then you can make your own by filling spray bottles with a mixture of clean water and white vinegar.

Do Your Windows Tilt Into the Building?

Some types of windows are designed to tilt inward into a building so that you can clean the windowpanes. When you work on tilting windows, you must use a lot of caution so that the windows don’t fall on you. If you are working on windows that are located upstairs, then additional precautions are required to avoid falling through the window opening while cleaning. You will likely need a ladder to reach the top area of the windows. It is a good idea to remove your curtains or drapes before cleaning the windows. If you have window blinds, then you can roll the items up to the top of the window. The tilted windows are often heavy, so you can have someone hold the window section while you clean the glass.

Use Glass Wax Substances On Windowpanes

If you want to repel dirt and rainwater from the windowpanes, then you can use a glass wax substance. This product is often found in the automotive section of a store because vehicle owners use it for an automobile’s windshield. You will need several containers of window wax, and you should follow the package’s directions carefully. Before applying the window wax, you should clean the windowpanes thoroughly. Glass wax will repel the rainwater and dirt for several months before you must reapply it.

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