How to Make a Cross Country Move Easier

Moving across the country is a huge decision. Maybe you just landed your dream job, or you met someone you fell in love with, or you’re just ready to shake up your whole life in a completely new state. Whatever your reason for moving clear across the country, you have your work cut out for you. Here are a few ways to make the entire moving process run a bit more smoothly.

A lot of your stuff isn’t going to be worth the cost or hassle of moving.

When going through your home to figure out what you’re taking with you, be strict with yourself. You may love a chair you bought a few years ago, but if it’s heavy and the leather is cracking, is it really worth the money and effort it’ll take to move it across the country? Think about what you can replace once you arrive at your destination, and don’t forget to consider how large your home is – you may need different types of furniture or décor to suit the space.

Decide whether you want to ship or drive your belongings.

It’s hard enough to part with your current home, and the thought of leaving your precious belongings with strangers to travel all the way across the country is just too much to bear. You may change your tune a quarter of the way, though, when you realize you have no business trying to maneuver a huge moving truck along highways and through traffic. There are plenty of companies that specialize in cross country moves, and you can fly or take a leisurely road trip without worrying about everything you own. You’ll reunite with your things once you get to your destination.

Schedule your move for the most inexpensive time.

A lot of people move at the end of the month so they can be in their new place on the first, or they’ll schedule a move over a long holiday weekend (or a weekend in general). If you have a flexible enough schedule to move during an off-peak time, like mid-month or mid-week (or both), you could get a lower estimate from the moving company. Also keep in mind that May through September are extra busy times for moving companies, so you may want to move in the fall, winter or very early spring to score a discount.

The lowest moving estimate isn’t always the best one.

Moving is expensive, and it’s easy to get wooed by an incredibly low price, one that falls much lower than the other estimates you received. Never confuse a bargain for a scam, though. If something sounds too good to be true, turn to the Internet – if people were swindled by a moving company, there are bound to be reviews online about it. Also, you may want to consider not hiring any movers that don’t have positive reviews – a lack of reviews could mean that it’s a brand new moving company, which is also a risky choice.

Figure out which must-haves you have to take along with you.

Not every single thing you own will be packed and sent off with the moving company or piled into your truck. Certain things will have to stay unpacked for as long as possible, remain by your side during the trip or find their way out into the open the minute you arrive at your new destination. Think about the documents and medications you’ll need easy access to; the clothing you’ll wear in the days surrounding the move; and any valuables you want to keep an eye on yourself.

Plan your travel details.

Whether you’re driving or flying, don’t forget to set your travel itinerary. You’ll want to map out your route, gas stations and hotels along the way. Or, you may need to figure out transportation to and from the airport, and how you’ll get around once you arrive in your new home.

Moving is a very real part of life, and even though it’s a huge job and a long process, it doesn’t have to be overly painful. With smart planning and a clear idea of your goals, you’ll have this move behind you in no time.

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