How to Make the Most of Any City Tour

Touring a city can be exciting when you are making the most of your limited time. With so many different tours and areas to cover, the best way to make the most of any tour is planning your trip well in advance and following a few of these important tips.

Do Your Homework Well in Advance

Just because a certain city tour gets rave reviews does not mean it is right for everyone. Take the time to research the city tour online to see if it covers the best of the city that interests you, if it involves walking, and if the tour is a full afternoon or just a couple hours. Does the tour guide stop at key locations and walk with you inside the location? Does the tour involve being on a bus that doesn’t make stops? These are the things that you want to know before arriving on the day of the city tour.

If you still need answers, there are plenty of Facebook groups or forums where you can speak with people who have taken the tour. They will answer your concerns and offer impartial third-party details about what they thought of the trip. Others may chime in and recommend a lesser-known tour that is far more appealing than the one you thought to take.

Break up the Tour With a Food Break

If you have the choice of a long day tour or two smaller city tours, opt for the smaller ones. If you take one long tour, you may have a break in between where the guide brings everyone to a place to grab a quick bite, then back on the road. Instead of dealing with that stress, you decide on the smaller tours and break up the day with a meal at one of the flagship locations in that city. As long as the break is within the city, you can easily get to the next tour without any issues.

If in Philly, you want to try the cheesesteak, if in Chicago, the pizza. Whatever food the city is best known for, make that just another part of the experience on your own. There will less crowds, less pressure, and you can relax and enjoy your meal until the next tour begins.

Set Your Budget Before Visiting the City

Make no mistake about it, the more popular the city, the more they will have tourist traps set up to sell you every little novelty related to their part of the country. If you are not careful and let impulses take over, you could blow through your budget in a single afternoon. Keep in mind that you can buy souvenirs, just be careful where you get them. If you take a trip to the top of the Empire State Building in New York, the gift shops in that building charge a fortune for little novelties. There are vendors down the street selling the same items for pennies on the dollar.

Keep your budget in mind and walk around before making impulse buys. You could find the same item for less a block from the location selling the same pieces.

Include Your Bucket List Locations

When you want to make the most of your city sightseeing tour, decide in advance the places you must see, and then see how many are on the tour you have selected. In New York, the tour you chose might hit the museums and parks, but doesn’t focus on Broadway or Little Italy. Decide what you must see in the city, choose the tour that hits more of those places, and then fill in the voids after the tour is over. Just because a tour gets a high rating doesn’t mean it will cover the places you find interesting.

It may mean you have to go from a bus to a walking tour, so carefully select your key points and choose the tour based on those factors.

Now that you know how to make the most of any city tour. If you do all your legwork before the trip, you’ll get to enjoy your tour and look back on the trip favorably with memories that will last a lifetime.

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