How To Set up An Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor living is everything right now. People want to live both indoors and out, and this is the perfect time of year to create a new outdoor living space. In addition to pool decks, wooden decks, and patios, homeowners are taking things a step further and adding outdoor kitchens to the mix. It’s no longer enough to have a small patio and a grill. It’s time to increase your outdoor kitchen game and get things moving a bit more in the direction of spending more time outdoors.

Your kids will spend more time outside, you’ll save on utility costs in the summer not cooking inside, and it simply promotes being outside in the fresh air and the sunshine. If your home does not yet have an outdoor kitchen, use this comprehensive list of set-up ideas and concepts to help you get exactly what you want from your new outdoor kitchen.

Have Cover

If you’re setting up an outdoor kitchen, you need cover. Whether you have a covered patio or you’re creating one, you need to put your appliances under cover. You can buy appliances meant to last outdoors, but not if they are constantly being rained on and getting wet. You must have the right cover, and you must protect your appliances. Don’t set up an outdoor space if you cannot protect it.

Have All the Appliances You Need

There is a list of appliances you need if you’re in the market for an outdoor kitchen. You need a grill with burners so you can make side dishes. You must have a sink so you can wash dishes and easily access water, and you have to have at least a small fridge for drinks, ice, and condiments. It’s the best way to keep an outdoor kitchen useful and functional. You don’t need a dishwasher outside, but that doesn’t mean some people probably don’t.

Have Seating

Outdoor kitchens are best when they look like your regular kitchen. A bar area with seating is always a good option if you can make that work. Otherwise, have a couch or seating area, a table, or some chairs where people can sit and talk to you while you cook. You want to make this space relaxing as well as entertaining, and you can’t do that if you cannot sit down while you work.

Have Ample Counterspace

It’s impossible to cook outside if you don’t have counter space. The best way to design an outdoor kitchen is with a set of cabinets and a nice countertop in granite. It’s the most durable type of countertop, and it will help you keep your outdoor kitchen more functional than useless. Counter space is required for your cooking utensils and other items, and it’s easier to have more than it is to have less.

Install a Fan

If you’re cooking outside, you might want to install a ceiling fan above the kitchen area on the roof. It helps keep you cool, and it can push any smoke from your grill out of the way and away from your house. More importantly, it helps keep you cool when the weather is warm.

Keep Location in Mind

The single most important thing you can do when you’re creating an outdoor kitchen is remember location. You don’t want to so close to the house it poses a fire hazard. You also don’t want it so far away it’s not easily connected to the house for you to bring food in and out. You want it in a place that’s away from the hustle and bustle of kids running around or swimming, but close enough to keep an eye on things.

Outdoor kitchens are exciting. They make your life more fun, and they also help you get more money when you sell your home. The concept of outdoor living is so enjoyable and it promotes relaxation. You can ask a lot more for your home if you have an upscale and upgraded outdoor kitchen, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing finishes for this space. The better it looks, the more money you might get for your home.

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