How To Stay Safe As a Pedestrian

If you are walking anywhere, then it is essential to use a variety of safety guidelines to avoid an injury or death. Today, there are numerous dangers that pedestrians must consider when walking during the day or night. Use these safety guidelines to remain safer as a pedestrian.

Use Intersections or Crosswalks As Much As Possible

It is a good idea to use a crosswalk or intersection as much as possible when you are crossing a street. Drivers understand that a pedestrian might try to cross a street at marked locations. Intersections and crosswalks typically have specialized signs and lights, or the pavement on the street is painted with a design such as yellow stripes.

Remain Aware While Crossing a Street

Make sure to remain aware while crossing a street so that you can see potential problems such as a driver who turns illegally into a crosswalk. Some drivers don’t pay attention to the flashing lights of a stoplight, or it is possible that bright sunlight is making it impossible to see the road.

Dress In Brightly Colored Clothing

Make it easier for drivers to see you by wearing brightly colored clothing. When you are walking early in the morning or at night, have reflective garments so that a driver can see you. If you know that you are going to walk in inclement weather such as a rainstorm or fog, then prepare ahead of time by having a yellow or orange reflective vest.

Bring Along a Smartphone

Keep your smartphone charged, and carry it with you so that you can call an emergency number if you have a problem such as someone following you. You can also call or text a friend when there is a problem while you are walking somewhere.

Remain On the Sidewalk

It is better to walk on a sidewalk rather than a street. Sidewalks are designed to give you extra space between the vehicles that are passing by. If you must walk on a street, then remain aware of the traffic and stay on the side of the road.

Walk Somewhere With a Friend

There is safety in numbers, so if you can walk to the bus stop or to work with a friend, then it is less dangerous. A mugger or other criminal is less likely to attack or rob you when you are walking with someone else.

Stay Away From Alleys and Buildings

Stay away from buildings and alleys because this is where criminals lurk to grab you. When you are walking past a suspicious area, remain aware and become defensive.

Protect Your Satchels While Walking

Don’t carry your handbag or backpack where someone can see it or grab it. Turn your backpack around to the front of your body so that someone can’t open it or cut through it. Wear a jacket or sweater over your handbag that is attached firmly over your shoulder.

Behave In a Confident Manner

While walking, behave in a confident manner so that someone walking past doesn’t think that you are an easy target for criminal activity. If someone is approaching you, then look in his eyes so that you are more aware of his behavior.

Don’t Walk Near Highways

In most geographic regions, it is illegal to walk near a busy highway because there are numerous vehicles. When you must walk near a highway, use extreme caution and reach an exit as fast as possible.

Bring Along a Flashlight

For additional safety in dimly lit areas, bring along a flashlight. With a flashlight, you can alert drivers or other pedestrians to avoid any problems. By using a flashlight, you will notice problems such as a broken sidewalk or open manhole cover.

Keep Your Keys Ready

Have your keys in your hand or pocket so that you can open the door to your home quickly. You don’t want to fumble in your backpack or handbag looking for lost keys when there are potential criminals nearby.

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