Our Mission

Our mission is to entertain people with interesting articles. We want to be noisy, but just enough to make people interested, so that’s what we do. We are fully committed to writing about stuff, and as we are doing it for quite a while, our people see there are so many things that lack interesting description!

We have researched lots of informational websites and webzines, finding out many of the writers out there fail to describe things in a creative way. So that is what we decided to add to the Internet community, as many people get online just to read some breathtaking articles.

Our Specialization as a Part of the Mission

There’s no particular specialization by topic, but we strive to be as interesting as possible. We gather facts into collections and post them to the website with media content that would prove the things described. We also write simple articles on new events, breakthroughs, people achieving unbelievable things. Our team is always interested in new things that can become a part of our regular lives in a decade or so. With such interests and desire to show people how diverse the world is, we do our best to fulfill our mission.

Things We Do as a Part of the Mission

To fulfill our purpose, we are constantly searching for breathtaking articles, people, and facts. Even when not working, if we notice something worthy, we gather together and discuss the topic. This is what we call commitment, and we are very proud of it, even though our magazine isn’t a huge deal like major papers.

Our Readers as a Part of the Mission

Our readers are a part of our mission, as we work due to them and for them. We get lots of letters with gratitude and suggestions almost every day, which makes us very glad that we have started SouthEnd Press. We urge anyone who is in search for some interesting information to surf the website. There must be something that will make you interested, so don’t leave early.

Contact Us

You can contact us in any way you find the most convenient for you and comment our work. We accept any feedbacks with constructive critique, suggestions, cooperation offers, etc. We usually work online, so at least one of us always has access to emails. As soon as we see your letter, we will gather all necessary information and send a reply. We are waiting for you as one of our precious readers as soon as possible!