Selecting The Perfect Outfit For Football Games This Fall

For the most enthusiastic football fans, sitting in the crowd is about more than just watching a great game. You want to show off your team spirit and pride, get some attention to rile up the people around you, and maybe even get your picture in the paper or up on the big screen. For smaller football games at your child’s school or community league, showing spirit is a true matter of support and pride. Combine all these ideas with the need to stay comfortable and warm and choosing the perfect outfit for your football game experience could be a challenge.

Safety and Comfort Come First

Watch the weather forecast before you sling on a jersey and head out the door. Football seasons coincides with some of the coldest weather in the northern hemisphere, so layers are a must. You can always slip your favorite player’s jersey back on after you remove a thermal undershirt or add another. The novelty flip-flops you bought in your team’s colors might show spirit, but your toes will show frostbite if you wear them to the game.

If the weather is forecasted to be especially bitter, consider slim-fit thermals and wind-resistant fabrics. Although not part of your outfit exactly, things like chemical handwarmers are a good idea. Do not forget a blanket printed with the team logo too.

Go For Classic Team Spirit Gear

Sports shops everywhere sell team jerseys with a player or even your name on the back. You can wear a t-shirt, hoodie, ball cap, or beanie with a team logo and trim. These even exist at school shops or through online orders to show support for smaller scale football teams. If you choose this type of perfect outfit for the football game, you will fit in with all the other fans. Your proud wearing of the colors will help create a mass of support the players can see from the field, and other fans will high-five you in the street after a win.

For most people going to watch smaller, neighborhood or school-based football games, the perfect outfit stops here. Parents have to balance showing their support with making sure they are not embarrasing their children with over-the-top displays. It is a good idea to always check with the player you are supporting before deciding to create a more outrageous costume to wear in the stands or at the sidelines.

Stand Out With Creative Fan Gear

There is no question that football fan loyalty is a highly emotional thing. If this type of game-day euphoria drives you to go all out with your perfect outfit, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Many diehard fans start with face or body paint in a team color. Only use products appropriate for skin and spot test them first. The last thing you want on the big day is an allergic reaction or medical emergency. Consider traditional team accessories that stand out like the Green Bay Packers’ fans’ cheesehead hats or the Viking’s horned helmets.

For some, the perfect outfit for a football game skips the comfort factor and opts for some nudity. Almost every game has some guys with their shirts off no matter what the temperature. Others opt for adding detailed costumes over their regular clothes. Think themes that match the name or mascot of the team. Whether you opt for a life-sized stuffed bears head as a hat or skulls and chains on your shoulder pads, you can turn into a football superfan with some creativity and guts.

The choice of your perfect outfit for a football game this fall depends on many factors. Whether you are taking a road trip to see your favorite NFL team or cheering from the sidelines in your child’s peewee league, consider combining fan spirit with comfort and you cannot go wrong.

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