Six Questions to Ask a Tailor Before, During, and After an Appointment

Most, if not all of us, do not have the money to own custom made clothes. Yet, some special events such as weddings require us to visit the tailor for alterations to prep for the big day. While visiting the tailor can seem like an unneeded hassle to some, those who have employed one at least once understand the true value of well fit clothes.

If you are nervous for your first appointment, here are some sample questions you should ask your tailor.

1. What Have You Made Recently?

Not everyone has the same style. The clothes should be made to fit the individual style of the person. That is why you should ask to see other clothes the tailor has worked on before employing them.

It is important to establish trust with your tailor, especially if you plan on using him or her for more than one fitting. You need to know that they can do the work that is required, either for business or personal. A majority of tailors are more than happy to show you samples of their work.

2. What about Practicality?

What type of work do you require? Do you need some work on some casual clothes? Do you require better looking suits? Some people need both. Don’t be hesitant to explain your full situation to your tailor.

You cannot just assume they will know what you need and want. You might show them a suit that you like, but that does not mean they know your style. You might need more close fitting, or prefer a dramatic suit as opposed to a calming gray. Or, your suit fabric could need to be something a little more breathable.

3. Who Will Do the Work?

Remember that the guy who gets you to come into the store is the salesman. He might not be the one doing the work. The person who does the “cutting” will be in the back somewhere. Ask to talk to that person. You should never trust the salesperson in the front to tell the person what you want, though they are great for general information gathering. Instead, it is best to talk to the person who is actually doing the tailoring so that they can know your personality, body shape, needs and wants more clearly without having to go through a middleman.

4. How Long Is It Going to Take?

It is a good idea to tell the tailor you need the clothes on a specific date that is at least 3 days before you actually need it. When both you and the tailor are on the same page about the date, it also gives them a better opportunity to tell you what job is realistic during that time period.

Know someone who needs a full wedding dress alteration done by the end of the week but won’t listen to you when you tell them it’s impossible? Make sure they ask the tailor so that they can explain in detail what all goes on during the process and how that effects the time.

5. What Fabrics Do You Keep In Stock?

If having your own clothes custom made, the fabric selection is an important part of the process. Consider your allergies when selecting your fabric and triple check to make sure the fabric does not contain an allergen. It is not going to do any good to pick out a great suit that you could be allergic to and would have your skin be rubbing against all day.

Take care of that information before the cutter begins to cut. The last thing you want is to spend $800 on a tailored suit you are allergic to and cannot wear.

6. What About Suit Alterations?

Tailors are best known for alteration services with this making the majority of their customer base. Find out how they handle alterations and the general amount of time needed to alter basic items.

Make sure to plan out in advanced when to drop off your clothes. Most tailors do not like to be called “the day of” and told that they need to alter something in two hours. They expect a heads up at least a few days in advance. They have other clients too.

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