The Advantages of Two-Way Radios for Your Business

As a business owner, it’s important to make sure that your teams can communicate effectively. While many people like to use cell phones, here are why some businesses are choosing the advantages afforded by two-way radios.

Radios Are More Rugged and Durable

Smartphones aren’t made for industrial or commercial use. They’re designed with the average consumer in mind who isn’t going to drop it often or use it around heavy machinery.

On the other hand, two-way radios are built to last as rugged commercial devices. Many radios will continue to work even after getting completely submerged in water. Others are manufactured to meet military specifications and are able to withstand shakes, shocks, vibrations, drops, static and other harsh environments.

Radios Are Less Expensive

Cell phones come with costly upfront purchase prices and expensive monthly fees.

You’re only going to pay one initial price when using two-way radios. These devices don’t require monthly payment plans. This difference may save your company thousands of dollars every year in recurring monthly fees.

Radios last a long time. They will normally last five to seven years. In comparison, smartphones are normally replaced annually.

More Advantageous Coverage Areas

It’s common to experience coverage dead zones when using cell phones. This might especially happen when employees are working in dense urban areas. As well, cell phone towers might get overloaded during emergency events, resulting in dropped calls.

Your team will normally benefit from near-perfect reception no matter where they’re located when using radios. Since two-way radios don’t depend on satellite towers to operate, they work during times of emergency.

Longer Battery Life

It’s not uncommon to suddenly realize a smartphone is about to lose its battery charge after a few hours of heavy use.

Radios come with longer battery life, on average. Some will last up to 30 hours, even during times of heavy use. This means that more than one employee can use the same radio over several shift times.

Better Audio and Reception

One of the disadvantages to smartphones is the inability to hear when talking in loud and noisy environments.

Two-way radios are designed to specifically handle this issue. They are built with audio features that help to improve call quality. They come equipped with noise-cancelling capabilities that suppress background noise so that only the other person on the other end of the line is heard well.

Consider workers in loud warehouses or employees who work outside in windy conditions. Providing them two-way radios instead of cell phones will make communication more effective simply because of the different way radios are built.

Cell Phones Aren’t Allowed While Driving

In most areas, getting caught by the police using a cell phone while driving comes with hefty fines and penalties. You might be held liable if an employee is driving a company vehicle and gets caught on the phone. It’s also a dangerous safety issue.

Two-way radios come equipped with speaker microphone features that help employees keep their eyes on the road and also avoid breaking any laws while driving.

Avoid Phone Viruses & Employee Distractions

Cell phones are easily loaded with viruses that come from downloading unsafe third-party apps. Hacking and spyware are other potential dangers. This means your sensitive company information is at risk when employees use smartphones.

Another factor is employee distraction. With cell phones, they are easily distracted making personal phone calls or playing games.

Two-way radios avoid both of these issues. You can make sure that only trusted and approved applications are downloaded. As well, keeping apps restricted to work-related options means employees can’t use the radios as distraction sources.


These are only a few of the advantages your business will realize when using two-way radios instead of cell phones for communication. Take time out to consider all the benefits and then make the choice that makes the most sense for your business

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