The Benefits of Sending Printed Newsletters to Customers

Communicating to customers is one of the most important marketing tools you should be using. How you communicate matters. You can send them emails and interact with them on Facebook. In many instances, social media and email newsletters are effective. However, printed newsletters should be used, too.

You may be surprised by the number of benefits to sending printed newsletters.

Educate People on What’s Going On

The only way that people will know what’s going on in your business is if you tell them. You may want to send customers a copy of your internal newsletter that goes out to your employees. This can let them know what’s going on in terms of research and development, how the company is meeting their goals, and various other news.

You can also choose to create a completely new newsletter for your customers. Let them know about various promotions, new products that will be released, and more. It’s important for you to focus on the pain points of your customer rather than turning your company into the hero.

Give people a reason to continue working with your business. Communicate so that people continuously remember who you are so that they don’t stray towards the competition.

Offer a Leave-Behind

You have to consider what people do once they read your newsletter. If it’s in an email, they will likely delete it. This means that they are no longer remembering what you had to say. If there was a promotion, they may forget it the moment they leave their email.

With a printed newsletter, you have a “leave behind.” The newsletter may move from the dining room table to the kitchen counter. If there is a promotion or other important information, it may end up on the refrigerator or on a bulletin board. It stays around for longer, ensuring that people are more likely to benefit from everything you have included inside of the newsletter.

Reach More Demographics

It seems hard to believe, but there are still demographics that don’t use email. Particularly when you are reaching out to seniors, many don’t have an email address. If they do, they don’t check it very often because it isn’t something they think about on a day-to-day basis.

By sending out a physical newsletter, it appears in their mailbox as opposed to their inbox. You can ensure that people of all ages will be able to access the newsletter and read it the way that it should be laid out.

Consider how many different devices people use in order to read email. You never know what a digital newsletter will look like on someone’s screen. When it’s printed, you have control of the entire layout and what it looks like.

Avoid the Spam Folder

You may work hard in order to communicate with customers. If you are using email, it is inevitable that you will end up in the spam folder for certain people. Some of this has to do with advanced security settings inside of email servers. Although you can ask people to add you to their “safe sender” list, not everyone does.

Your goal should be to avoid the spam folder whenever possible. Although printed newsletters will cost more than sending out an email, your read rate will likely increase dramatically because the newsletter will end up in everyone’s hands.

Marketing is always changing. As important as it is to focus on Internet marketing, it isn’t everything. Print marketing materials will always have a place in the world. Once you realize this, you can begin exploring the benefits for yourself.

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