The Best Months for Weddings

A wedding is a marvelous occasion and a cause for huge celebration. The decision to unite two people in partnership is a wonderful act. All brides want to have the right time for a wedding they and their guests will remember for many years. One of the most important parts of planning a wedding is choosing the right time of the year for the wedding. A good month for a wedding is one that allows the bride and her guests to take full advantage of the wedding location. For example, early summer is perfect for a wedding in a rose garden perfumed with flowers as the bride walks down the aisle. When thinking about the right date, several factors should be taken into account including the weather, photography, the availability of decorations such as beautiful flowers for the bride’s bouquet and even certain desired wedding menu items such as cherries for a wedding cake. A properly chosen wedding month allows the bride to enjoy herself and spend her time on equally important matters such as her dress and her wedding guest list.

Romantic February

The month of February is one of the most romantic months of the entire year. This is the month of St. Valentine’s Day when lovers everywhere celebrate their loves and pledge their troth. It’s when people all over the world think about settling down and getting engaged and then married. February offers brides a lovely built-in color scheme of dark red and soft white, making it easy to come up with appropriate and pleasing decor ideas. A wedding during this time reminds guests of their own special partnerships and makes the month even more marvelous for everyone when they have a new marriage to witness.

April Flowers

April makes the turn of year from the harder cold weather of winter to the soft sweetness of spring and summer. This is when the first new flowers of the year start to show up. Just as getting married speaks of a new beginning in life, the same is true of this month when the year really starts to bloom. An April bride can count on warmer weather so she can easily hold parts of her ceremony and even the entire wedding outdoors. Many schools and colleges have spring break during this month so guests can attend even if they live far away. April is also the off season for travel in many parts of the world. A budget conscious couple can take advantage of lower prices to enjoy the wedding they really want and a honeymoon in their destination of their choice.

Sunny June

Very few months say weddings to people like June. Many brides want to get married in a month that spans both the joys of late spring and welcoming of early summer. June is when roses burst into their full glory and give off their best scent. This is the ideal month for those who want to hold their wedding outdoors. Unlike July and August when the heat and the local humidity can be oppressive in many parts of the country, June weather is generally mild and very pleasant. A June wedding in a wooden national park or by the long beaches of a local shore means a lovely setting for all guests and a chance to take sacred wedding vows in a space designed by mother nature. Strong winds, fierce storms and heavy snow are all not a problem for a June bride.

Warm Autumn October

After the heat of summer dies down, the crisp fall air slowly shows up. The Indian summer of late August and early September gives way to the deliciously cool air of autumn. An October wedding is the perfect compromise between the heat and the cold. October is a month of outdoor celebration when many people delight in the changing leaves and the dazzling natural colors. Brides can take inspiration for their special day from the intense hues they see all around them. October brides can be assured of beauty all around them. Wedding planners need not compete with the demands of the coming holiday season when people typically get very busy.

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