The Top Reasons to Vacation in Spain Over the Summer

Spain is one of the most popular summer travel destinations in the world. There are a lot of factors that contribute to its popularity, since the country has a lot of different things to offer. Almost any traveler can find something that appeals to them within Spanish borders if they simply take the time to look and open themselves up to new experiences. There are a few areas where Spain stands out even more than usual, and those areas are the top reasons to pick Spain as a vacation destination during the summer.

The Weather

Spanish weather is a large part of the country’s appeal to many people. It tends to stay fairly warm, but the nearby sea make sure that the temperature does not get too high. It has plenty of beaches that get a lot of sun, which makes it one of the best places in Europe for people that want to relax and get a tan. The climate does vary significantly from one part of the country to the next, so people who want to get some variety can even travel across the country to get different weather conditions at each stage of the trip.

The History

Spain is full of historical sites. It was once part of both the Carthaginian and Roman empires. Later, it became one of the main areas where medieval Europeans had contact with the Islamic world. All of those periods left their mark on the region. It is possible to spend days touring old castles and mosques in a variety of styles. Each group within Spain had its own customs, so the remains of a Moorish castle will seem very different from those of a castle that was built under Christian rule.

People who prefer to stay out of the sites themselves can take advantage of Spanish museums to get a taste of history without quite as much walking. Truly dedicated historians can make use of both to get the full picture. People who want to focus on history will generally want to get a professional tour so that they can learn all there is to know about the sites as they go through them, but it isn’t necessary for people who want to get just a taste of history before going on to other things. There are plenty of options, so it is easy to mix and match!

The Food

Spanish food is famous throughout Europe. Every region has its specialties, but good wine is almost universal. There are even tours that focus on tasting wine throughout the country, or enjoying each of those specialties. Casual enjoyment is also possible. Simply eating out during the trip will expose you to a huge number of new flavors. Spanish bars are also popular, since the country has an active scene for nightlife. Making friends with a local will ensure that you can find out about all of the best places while you are in the country.

The Language

Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the entire world. That makes fluency an incredibly valuable skill. Learning Spanish makes it possible to communicate with millions of new people in many different countries. That can be useful for making new friends, but it also has a huge number of valuable business applications. The world is getting smaller every day, so being able to communicate with people in different nations is an asset in almost every field.

Immersion is one of the best ways to learn a new language, but it can be hard for the average person to arrange. Fortunately, traveling to Spain virtually guarantees the chance to immerse yourself in the Spanish language. Just a little bit of extra effort while you travel and a few lessons before the trip starts will give you a great start towards picking up the language. In addition to being useful after the trip is over, you may find that speaking Spanish opens up opportunities for new and exciting adventures while you are still on vacation. The new skill also serves as a potent memento to make sure that your memories of the trip can last a lifetime!

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