Top 10 Disney Princesses

Some people oversimplify the symbolic nature of the Disney Princess. Yes, Snow White wholeheartedly believed that her prince would come “someday”. Ariel disobeys her father and runs away to track down her crush. No princess is perfect.

Most young girls have at least one favorite Disney Princess. This is not something that needs to be discouraged. Disney Princesses illustrate many positive qualities. Here is a look at the ten top Disney princesses.

1- Belle

Yes, her name means beauty, but Disney’s Belle is intelligent and brave. Belle encourages a love of learning. Belle loves books and the idea of adventure. Belle is a future princess who can think for herself and does not judge her books by their covers.

2- Elsa

Elsa hides herself from those she loves to protect them from her differences. Elsa learns to abandon her fears and be true to who She is. This princess and her spunky and fearless sister Anna learn that true love, like the love between sisters, can allow you to break free and learn to live as yourself, without fear.

3- Moana

While Moana’s journey starts in search of a Demi-God to save her people, it is Moana who becomes the true hero. This determined princess returns to her people with a renewed understanding and respect for her ancestors. She restores her community to their sea-faring origins, teaching them that there is no reason to fear life beyond the reef.

4- Ariel

Although Princess Ariel may be a bit boy-crazy and rebellious, as teens can sometimes be, she is also very curious. Her collection of human artifacts encourages her to learn. Her efforts to learn more lure her to unfamiliar surroundings, but she is not afraid. Ariel was raised with prejudiced beliefs but chooses to find good in the humans even when the merpeople believe humans to be bad.

5- Merida

Merida is a strong-willed princess and an example of rebellion. The results of her rebellion against her mother cause more harm than Merida anticipates. The important lesson from Merida’s story is that even a princess will make mistakes. Merida learns from her mistakes, takes responsibility and makes amends. Learning from mistakes is a valuable princess lesson.

6- Tiana

Tiana is ambitious and hard working. At the beginning of the film, Tiana is not waiting for a man to rescue her. Her goal is to open her own restaurant. The villain Faculier promises Tiana her restaurant if she hands over a voodoo charm. As much as she wants the restaurant, Tiana smashes the charm. Tiana is willing to sacrifice for the greater good.

7- Mulan

Mulan is not the typical Chinese girl of her time. She does not allow gender stereotypes to keep her from doing what she sets her mind to. When the matchmaker insists that Mulan will never marry, Mulan is more concerned with disappointing her father than fearing for herself. Mulan is independent, out-spoken and strong-willed. Mulan is not afraid of difficulty and proves herself just as capable as any man.

8- Jasmine

Jasmine is raised in a castle and has everything she could possibly want, but Jasmine feels trapped. She is curious about life outside of her home. Jasmine learns that she is naïve about the lives of the people outside of her castle walls, but she has a kind heart. Jasmine wants to break tradition and marry for love. Jasmine sees how people are alike rather than how they are different.

9- Pocahontas

Disney’s Pocahontas has a true love for nature and the environment. She seems wise beyond her years and is a peacekeeper. Pocahontas does not allow her decisions to be tainted by racism or intolerance. This princess is willing to walk in other people’s footsteps while listening to her heart.

10- Cinderella

No matter how difficult life is for Cinderella, she never gives up believing that her situation will improve. Cinderella works hard and fulfills her obligations. Even though her “job” is demanding, Cinderella never stopped dreaming or believing that wonderful things will happen.

Disney Princesses all face obstacles and challenges. Their lives are not always easy or fair. Through their hardships, these young women remain strong, self-reliant and stay true to their hearts. Disney princesses learn and teach valuable life lessons as their stories are told.

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