Why Professional Tree Trimming is Essential

In order to maintain the landscaping of your property, it is important to take advantage of professional tree trimming services. However, this isn’t just for looks as there are major personal safety benefits attached to tree trimming as well. Here are several of the most important reasons as to why professional tree trimming is essential, no matter where you live or the size of your property.

Improve Tree’s Health

Tree trimming is much like pruning any other plant, just on a larger scale. Over time, some areas of your tree may begin to die off. Branches can die for a number of reasons. Nutrients may no longer reach the area of the tree, or it may be infected with a virus or insects. By removing the dead portion of the tree you’ll prevent the spread of the infection to other areas of the tree. You’ll also allow the tree to send the important nutrients to other, healthier areas, which helps the tree maintain its lush, beautiful appearance.

Improve Personal Safety

A dying branch doesn’t have the same kind of physical strength capable of holding it up any longer. This puts it in danger of falling over. Whether just a branch or the entire tree, it puts anyone in your yard in danger. It also puts your home, fencing and other parts of your property in harm’s way as well. By removing the dead and dying branches you’ll help alleviate the problem. It will also help you control any damaged branches during a storm as well. By ridding the damaged or dying branches now, you won’t have to deal with the branches falling off during a storm.

Power Lines

In the event of a storm, branches may fall over and knock out power lines. Damaged power lines not only cut out power to your home (and other homes running off the line) but it is extremely dangerous to have an open and active power line on the ground. By removing the branches in and around power lines you’ll reduce these kinds of issues. Now, when contacting a professional tree trimming service, you’ll want to ask about pruning around the power lines. Some cities do not allow private contractors to cut around the city lines. In these instances, the city may come out and do it. Usually, if a city comes out to cut the trees they will do it free of charge, but they won’t necessarily cut the branches for an optimal appearance, but instead only to avoid damage to the lines. This is why it’s best to contact the professional company first.

If the tree hangs over a road additional removal may be needed in order to prevent possible accidents from taller vehicles.

Improve Landscaping

Like bushes and flowers, a tree can become overgrown and start to take over the yard. Whether it’s blocking your favorite view or the tree simply looks a bit shaggy, a professional tree trimmer can improve the general landscapingof your yard. When hiring a service provider they will want to ask what your goals are for the landscaping. You may want to open up some light to other areas of plants under the tree. The landscapers can work with you and your desired needs in order to obtain the desired look on the property.

The landscaping company may perform what is known as crown thinning. This is where the top of the three is thinned in order to allow for improved light filtration through the tree. This helps improve the overall growth of the entire tree. As the top of the tree thickens, the remainder of the tree no longer receives the necessary light, which can kill off branches. Crown thinning needs is heavily dependent on the kind of tree you have worked on.

By taking advantage of professional tree trimming services in your area you’ll cut down on the possible problems stemming from falling branches and knocking out power lines. You’ll also avoid having to deal with the city, as city officials will not trim your trees for looks but simply to avoid damaging city lines. By investing in the tree trimming services, you’ll improve the health of your tree, all while enjoying your yard.

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