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6 Tips for Avoiding an ACL Tear

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Are You More Modern or Traditional In Your Home Design

When it comes to your home, you want it to reflect your personality as much as possible. To do so, you have to decide which type of design you want to emphasize inside your home. This comes down to whether you prefer a traditional home design or one that is considered more modern. While many homes combine elements of both, most people tend to prefer their homes to be specifically one type of design. If you are in the process of creating or perhaps redecorating your home, here are some ways you will be able to distinguish whether you lean toward a traditional or modern design.

Colors and Patterns

When trying to distinguish between a modern or traditional home design, the use of patterns and colors often answers the question. For example, if you prefer rich and dark colors rather than colors that are very muted, you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to home design. Along with rich and dark colors, the traditional home design also tends to incorporate such patterns as florals, plaids, stripes, and paisleys into rooms, while modern design focuses instead on prints and patterns that are very minimalistic.

Windows and Lighting

As for windows and lighting, these too differ greatly between traditional and modern home designs. In traditional homes, symmetry is important regarding the size and placement of windows and lighting. For example, rather than using skylights as is done in many homes of modern design, traditional design will instead incorporate casement windows into the structure. If you want casement windows, they can often be found online. As for lighting, traditional homes tend to use inside lighting fixtures and lamps with soft lighting, rather than overhead lighting that is found in modern homes and buildings.

Minimalistic vs. Details

If you lean toward being traditional with your home design, you will have a home that is full of details, details, and more details. Everything from your lights and furniture to wallpaper and floor covering will have designs of various types on them, making for a home that definitely will catch everyone’s eyes upon entering. However, if you like to think of yourself as a modern home designer, you will do just the opposite. Instead, your goal will be to have a home that is free of clutter and assorted trinkets scattered here and there. Along with this, you will also want all the rooms of your home, especially the kitchen, to have a look that is sleek and clean-cut from top to bottom.

Easy to Maintain

As more younger home buyers enter today’s real estate market, many interior designers have noted modern design seems to be very popular due to its ability to be easily maintained. For young professionals who have busy personal lives and are immersed within their careers, the last thing they want to do is spend their free time doing hours of housework. Thus, by having a home design that is minimal yet sleek, they can enjoy their surroundings while still having plenty of time to do other activities.

A Charm All Its Own

Should you fancy yourself to be a homeowner who is traditional in every sense of the word, you will undoubtedly want your home to have a charm all its own. With many older homes, achieving a rustic charm is accomplished through the use of dark colors, older wood, and furniture that is large and sturdy. In many cases, traditional homes that are upgraded today are done so in styles similar to cottages and country homes of years gone by. By doing so, homeowners can feel as if they are stepping back in time once they walk through their front door.

Whatever style of design you prefer, both offer various advantages. In fact, when combining elements of both, many homeowners end up with properties that are unique unto themselves, which definitely lets the home reflect the personality of its owners.